Thursday, August 18, 2011

Framing Matters

Peter Lang has recently published a book on "Framing Matters. Perspectives on Negotiation Research and Practice", edited by Bill Donohue, Randall Rogan and Sanda Kaufman.

Together with Barbara Gray, Linda Putnam and René Bouwen, I contributed the first chapter entitled "An interactional approach to framing in conflict and negotiation" (click here to download).

The book relies on the framing metaphor that is commonly used in negotiation and communication research to characterize how individuals place interpretive and linguistic boundaries around phenomena, objects, or events. This book develops this construct, exploring its potential to provide research insights, and illustrating new strategies for further development. Divided into three sections, the book first captures the breadth of the theoretical framing construct, then focuses on the many ways in which the construct has been researched and applied. The final section reflects on the construct's potential, and its value in understanding negotiation.

An inspiring group of contributors - all experts in framing theory and conflict/negotiation management - outline how the framing construct is viewed theoretically by research scholars, and in the field by conflict resolution practitioners. These are the chapters:

William Donohue/Randall Rogan/Sanda Kaufman: Introduction

Art Dewulf/Barbara Gray/Linda Putnam/René Bouwen: An Interactional Approach to Framing in Conflict and Negotiation

William A. Donohue: An Interactionist Approach to Frames

Mara Olekalns/Philip L. Smith: Mindsets: Sensemaking and Transition in Negotiation

Petru L. Curseu: Framing Effects in Small-Group and Intergroup Negotiation: A Cognitive Perspective

Laurence de Carlo: Proposing a Debate on the Concept of Frames in Negotiation Enlightened by Psychoanalytical Insights

Roy J. Lewicki/Chad T. Brinsfield: Framing Trust: Trust as a Heuristic

Michael H.G. Hoffmann: Analyzing Framing Processes in Conflicts and Communication by Means of Logical Argument Mapping

Sanda Kaufman/Deborah Shmueli: Framing in Public Decision Interactions: Transferring Theory to Practice

Séverine van Bommel/Noelle Aarts: Framing Nature Conservation Experts and Expertise in the Drentsche Aa Area in the Netherlands: A Contextual Approach

Randall G. Rogan: «Death to America»: A Frame Analysis of Osama bin Laden's Declarations of War against the United States

Noelle Aarts/Maartje van Lieshout/Cees van Woerkum: Competing Claims in Public Space: The Construction of Frames in Different Relational Contexts

Daniel Druckman/James N. Druckman: The Many Faces of Framing in Negotiation

Peter J. Carnevale: Dynamics of Frame Change: The Remarkable Lightness of Frames, and Sticky Frames.

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