Simulation "Podocarpus"

The multi-actor simulation "Podocarpus National Park"condenses a multi-actor negotiation process into a sequence of internal, bilateral and multilateral interaction moments.

Representatives of the different involved stakeholders meet each other in multilateral meetings, where they discuss the future direction of a problem domain. Before and between those multilateral meetings internal and bilateral meetings take place.

In this simulation five groups of participants represent five stakeholders involved in the co-management of the Podocarpus National Park in Ecuador, South America.The task for this collaborative task system is to agree on which actions to take in order to guarantee the effective management of the park for the coming years.

For more information contact art . dewulf @ wur . nl (without the spaces)

Special thanks to COPP – ACORDES – PROMAS – CINFA – Programa Podocarpus – Conservation International – VVOB – ABOS – Dutch Technical Cooperation

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