Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two climate conferences put interesting material on-line

The "Deltas in Times of Climate Change" conference (Rotterdam) and the "Climate Controversies: Science and Politics" conference (Brussels/Paris) have put papers, slides and recorded presentations on-line.

Climate controversies: science and politics

"Climategate" and climate skepticism received a lot of attention at this event. The majority of the presentations from the conference are now accessible on the sites (for the Brussels events), and (for the Paris proceedings - including a presentation by Bruno Latour).

Deltas in time of Climate Change

From the conference website:

The participants debated climate adaptation strategies for deltas and delta cities and exchanged knowledge, which was widely offered in 70+ sessions. Many contacts between scientists, policy makers and practitioners were established, refreshed and deepened. Relations between delta cities in and outside Connecting Delta Cities (CDC) were strengthened and the Delta Alliance was launched.

High profile guests during the opening session included His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, who gave the opening speech, Nguyen Thai Lai (Vice Minister, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam), Ahmed Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam), Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken and Cedric Grant (Deputee Mayor of New Orleans) who gave a moving presentation on the state of New Orleans five years after Katrina.

The audience was updated byMichael Oppenheimer (Princeton University, USA) and Martin Parry(Imperial College London, United Kingdom) about sea level rise and other factors playing a crucial role in deltas. Pavel Kabat (Climate changes Spatial Planning) gave a presentation on Dutch climate research and Malcom Smith (architect at ARUP) triggered the audience with a few challenging thoughts for the rest of the conference.

The results of the conference can be found here

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